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History: On 2/1/15, Classic greatly lowered our already low liability rates for drivers aged 18 to 24. Classic believed that an owned auto by this driver age group is the most important asset in their lives and they will be careful driving. In those 2 years our experience was nearly correct except for the 18 year old who racked up three time the losses of all other drivers. Drivers 19 and 20 were double the losses of all drivers. Classic has learned that young adults are starting to drive later and the cell phone is a major problem. Bottom line: Liability rates for age 18 will double, 25% increase for age 19 & 20 and no change for everyone else. One other change is the comprehensive and collision deductible; it will be $500 instead of $750 with a slight increase in the rate. Classic Auto Insurance is proud of providing 25 years of good rates and pay-as-you-go flexibility to fit your budget. thank you for insuring your auto with Classic Auto Insurance.

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